Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sea Dogs' cannon

I bought these two gun crew and cannon off eBay a month or so back. I always liked Mike Owen's characterful Swashbucklers for Foundry but, like so many ranges, they were terminated half done when all the best sculptors left the company.

They are big chunky figures and, unfortunately, the chunkiness sometimes looks ridiculous, as is the case with the sponge here. Likewise, the shot would never go into the cannon but they are just what I need for my swashbuckler landing party as they put in to a wild bay in Africa, the Caribbean or South America looking for water but finding trouble.

My whole sea dogs force so far

My little boy, Guy, is very keen on the whole Spanish Armada period so what we need now is some opposition for these stout (literally in many cases) chaps. There are three things I have been considering: African natives (for which I could use my Congo tribesmen), Amazonian indians (they sell the Copplestone castings ones in Orc's Nest) or the Foundry Afro-caribbean renegades. I have some of these but haven't painted them yet.

For rules we would use Legends of the High Seas or, possibly, the Blood and Swash/Thunder and Plunder rules which have different sets of rules for small scale and larger scale battles.

Of course, what I would really like is some dastardly Spaniards to pitch them against as they try to relieve the Dons of a mule train of gold; a la The Sea Hawk. I am sure that some of the new Spanish Century figures from The Assault Group might do but I suspect, looking at their Swedes, that they would be far too small.

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